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A share house is a rental housing that has a shared space that can be shared, in addition to your own room.
Compared to regular rental apartments, you can live at a reasonable price with lower initial and monthly costs.
The common area fee includes water, electricity, and gas charges, and WiFi is a free service.

Private room

Type where one person uses a private room with a lock (Some properties can accommodate two people per room.)

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A room type in which one room is divided by partitions or walls with open ceilings, and only the lighting and air conditioning equipment is shared.

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Shared room type with multiple bunk beds in one room

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Private room Semi-private Dormitory
Initial cost Initial cost: 30,000 yen only
Monthly cost Rent 40,000 yen~ 34,800 yen~ 24,800 yen~
Common service fee List price: 15,000 yenIncludes water, electricity, gas, and shared equipment fees.
System fee List price: 1,000 yen excluding taxThis fee covers all troubles and services
related to the tenant's home.

Furnished apartment with appliances

Just like a normal rental apartment, this is a one-person property where you use the plumbing completely by yourself.
At XROSS HOUSE, furniture and appliances are also included, so you can reduce the initial cost.
The difference from a share house is that you need to sign your own contract for electricity, gas, water, and internet.

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Initial cost List price: 50,000 yen
Rent 60,000 yen with furniture and appliances
Others Please make your own contracts for
water, electricity, gas, internet, etc.

Paid option

mattress Monthly 1,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • Minimum usage period: 5 months or more
futon set Monthly 1,000 yen (excluding tax)
  • Minimum usage period: 5 months or more
  • Set of mattress, comforter, pillow, and various covers
Bicycle parking lot(bicycle) Monthly 1,000 yen (excluding tax)
Bicycle parking lot(motorized bicycle) Monthly 3,000 yen (excluding tax)

Move-in process

Simple moving with your smartphone only! WEB move-in process Flow

  • STEP01


    Please search for properties on our homepage and contact us if you find something you are interested in!

  • STEP02

    House viewing

    You can check the pictures and 360° panorama view from each property's detail page! You can make appointments for on-site house viewing too!

    ※You can also contract without house viewing

  • STEP03

    WEB contract

    No need to visit our office,
    you can make a contract with your smart phone!

  • STEP04

    Move in with smart key

    You can receive the smart key via email and move in directly without visitng our office to pick up the key!

    ※Some properties that do not have smart keys installed require a visit to our office

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