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Wondering about getting along with your roommates…...

We have the answer to that!

why people choose Xross House

5 reasons


Live in house managers in all properties


2 live-in house managers in each property. They will help you politely and professionally should you have any problems or any questions.


We screen each applicant before moving in and set property rules.


We screen all applicants before moving in. Accepted applicants are required to attend orientation where we explain house rules before moving in. That 's why most of residents are well mannered, follow the rules, and make a comfortable environment.


We hold events and parties where our residents can socialize


BBQ in the summer, Halloween party in fall, Christmas Party in winter, International parties every 2 months. Also some properties make their own events.



Comfortable environment" guaranteed!

Strict property rules and screening before accepting residents

Different from what you imagined, Don’t get along with other roommates, Inconvenient location
You can relocate to other Xross House property WITH NO EXTRA COST. We accept any reason!


No matter what the reason, you can relocate to our other property WITHOUT any extra charge! First Time sharing? Feel safe and secure! We have over 70 properties in Tokyo



We have over 70 properties in Tokyo's popular area

Xross House has so many properties located in popular Tokyo areas


Xross House has so many properties located in popular Tokyo areas

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Don't waste your money! Average property prices in Tokyo

Do you know?

Average Rental price in Tokyo's 23 central wards



  • Shibuya 98,100 yen
  • Shinjyuku 84,900 yen
  • Minato 112,400 yen
  • Meguro 86,500 yen

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BUT! If you use Xross House!!

29,800 yen

But Xross House can offer you these great properties!

  • Stylish Furnished Rooms (Photo)

    Stylish Furnished Rooms (Photo)

  • Relaxing café space (Photo)

    Relaxing café space (Photo)

  • Spacious living room (Photo)

    Spacious living room (Photo)

  • Futon set available (Photo)

    Futon set available (Photo)


Other useful Xross House Services include

Services list
All provided!

You can choose any room type you're looking for

Private Roon

  • Private Room
  • Private Room
  • Private Room
  • Shared Space

Rent:52,000yen、Common service fee:10,000yen  including water, electricity and etc.

Private room means you use a single room completely on your own. There is a lock for each room to provide security.
Bed, futon set, desk, chair and closet are all provided. Air conditioners are also in each room so it is very comfortable!


I was thinking of getting my own place, but I didn’t wanna spend too much money so I chose this private room! All the furniture was included and the room had its own lock. It was so comfy! Kitchen, shower and bathroom were outside the room so I could use my room's maximum space! Living cost were so much cheaper than renting a single room and I was able to get a more luxurious place for the same amount of money! lol

List of private rooms

If you want to spend less!


  • Share-room Type
  • Loft Bed Type
  • Loft Bed Type
  • Half-private room

Rent:39,000yen、Common service fee:10,000yen including water, electricity and etc.

Semi private room means you share a room with other residents. This is a popular choice for those who want more private space than the dormitory, but want to pay less rent than a private room.


Can't afford the private room but at least wanted my own space so I chose this type. There is a partition and can't see other people's space. There's not much difference with private room but definitely so much cheaper, personally, I recommend it!

List of Semi-Private rooms

Looking for a REALLY AFFORDABLE Property?

Dormitory Type

  • Dormitory Room
  • ドミトリー部屋
  • ドミトリー部屋
  • ドミトリー部屋

Rent:29,000yen、Common service fee:10,000yen  including water, electricity and etc.

This type of room is the most popular choice of XROSS HOUSE customers as you can live in central Tokyo for only from 29,800 yen a month. In addition to the economic advantages and the convenience of living in central Tokyo, the property has been designed to provide comfortability as well. In your bed space, there is a laundry drying pole, table light, 3 plug electrical outlets, sliding table, and storage box. There are extra storage boxes under the bed, and a little closet.


I didn’t want to spend too much money on rent and wanted to live as cheap as possible so I chose this dormitory type. There was a curtain attached to my bed so I enjoyed my privacy! It was very comfortable. The monthly rent was only 29,000yen (Cheap as hell! lol)
I was able to save lots of money!!

List of dormitory type room

2 points why many people choose us


You have your own private space
You can still have your own private space
(although you are not renting private room)

  • Keep your privacy by curtain

    Keep your privacy by curtain

    Dormitory type

  • Can't see the next compartment because of partition

    Can't see the next compartment because of partition

    Loft bed

  • Private rooms have locks

    Private rooms have locks

    Shared Room


料金がリースナブルAffordable prices

~The initial cost and rent for 2 years ~

Xross House is No.1 for reasonable properties in Tokyo

COMPARE Xross House to other companies

Initial costCompare to regular apartments

Initial Cost Chart

Over 520,000 yen

Cost compared if you rent for 2 years

Cost compared if you rent for 2 years

You need to pay 10,000 yen, as a cancellation fee, when you move-out.

If you live in dormitory type room ….!!!

you can save 1,972,000 yen!

PLUS! No cancellation fee or extension fee charges!



Our professional and courteous staff will advice you on finding your ideal property.Our professional and courteous staff will advice you on finding your ideal property.

03-6712-4346 メール相談・物件見学はこちら

We will reply in 24 hours.

03-6712-4346 メール相談・物件見学はこちら


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